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   ATOMEX professional range of airless sprayers, line markers, spray guns, internal pipe sprayers, air dryers and compressors
ATOMEX Product Range
Product Range

ATOMEX is constantly adding to our product range, please visit this website regularly to keep updated on the latest developments in airless sprayers, air spray guns and compressed air filtration equipment.

DIY Airless Sprayers
ATOMEX HSP-10 airless sprayers are available for DIY painting applications. Not recommended for commercial use they are ideal for the home handy man or renovator

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Entry Level Airless Sprayers
ATOMEX GM-20E airless sprayers are available for DIY painting applications and entry level commercial applications. Very robust and durable machines with a low cost of maintenance.

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Commercial Airless Sprayers
ATOMEX GM Range of airless sprayers are available in electric and petrol powered models and are now offering a long 25 months warranty.

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Line/Road Markers
ATOMEX LM-70G line/road markers now offer 25 months warranty. Simple four wheel design on a compact frame tracks straight and with the rear wheel fitted can produce circles as small as 400mm.

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Internal Pipe Spray Systems
ATOMEX internal pipe sprayer systems are used for coating the internals of pipes from 60mm-600mm.

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Airless Spray Accessories
ATOMEX airless sprayer accessories are high quality and  feature extremely competitive pricing.

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Refrigerated Air Dryers
ATOMEX RD series refrigerated air dryers are designed to keep your workshop air supply clean and moisture free.

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ATOMEX is testing a new range of Piston Airless Sprayers made in the USA. Due to be released early 2016.

Mini Air Compressors
Ultra quiet mini air compressors are suited for spray tan and air brush applications.

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Mini Spray Guns
Low air consumption mini spray guns developed for spray tanning applications.

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Air Spray Guns
High quality compact and full size gravity and suction feed spray guns now with 25 month replacement warranty.

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Air Brushes & Hose
High quality air brushes & braided air hose now with 25 month replacement warranty.

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Air Filters & Regulators
ATOMEX offer a full range of compressed air filters, regulators and lubricators from 1/4" to 1", all with 12 months replacement warranty.

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Compressed Air Filters
ATOMEX in line compressed air treatment  filters are available in sizes from 3/8" - 1-1/2".

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Desiccant Air Dryers
Mechanical compressed air dryers for using dry-o-lite desiccant for clean dry compressed air

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