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What is an airless sprayer?

Airless sprayers in basic terms are just simple pumps designed to draw paint from a container and spray paint under pressure through a small orifice know as an airless spray tip. Over spray is limited because no air is introduced at the tip like with conventional air spray guns, the effect is 100% fluid transfer onto the surface being sprayed.

Why use airless sprayers?
  Airless sprayers are widely used in new construction and maintenance of both domestic & commercial properties that include applications such as internal/external walls, ceilings and roof's. Airless sprayers in general are a very fast and efficient method of applying paint to large and small areas with minimal overspray.

How much faster is an airless sprayer?
  To say how much faster an airless sprayer is over conventional methods of painting is impossible, but to give you a sample of the speed - if you can imagine painting a ceiling in a bedroom approximately 4m x 4m with say a decorative cornice, two coats with an airless sprayer would be completed in under five minutes - try to roll the ceiling and brush the cornice in that time! Painting four panel colonial style doors can take less than one minute per coat per side and a 120 square metre roof can be coated once in about 1 hour. Check out the video link below to see an airless sprayer in action.

Can all paints be sprayed using an airless sprayer?
  Almost all coatings can be sprayed with some form of airless sprayer. Coatings such as texture will require a more specialised airless sprayer, but in general paints such as water based acrylic, oil based enamel, water based enamels, lacquers and roofing membranes are amongst the most common. Some paint products that are very heavy in solids such as epoxy may require thinning, heating or the introduction of air at the nozzle to be sprayed. As a suggestion before you choose to buy the latest in "Hi-Tech" space age coatings developed by NASA in conjunction with German scientists living in Sweden, that you actually check to see if the coating can be sprayed. In many cases paint manufacturers make products that are difficult if not impossible to spray unless you outlay tens of thousands of dollars in specialised spray equipment.

Does an airless sprayer require maintenance?
  Airless sprayers require constant maintenance, they must be cleaned after use including the filters. Components in the airless sprayer will also wear due to the abrasive nature of paint, once an airless sprayer is purchased you will have to expect to spend money at some point in time repairing and maintaining the machine. People who buy airless sprayers thinking that the purchase cost of the unit is the end, we have news for you - It's just the beginning, keep your machine clean and fix problems early, this will reduce the chance of tears dripping off your face onto the invoice that you have just been handed by your repair agent.

Airless sprayers in summary?
  Airless sprayers in general are not cheap, they require maintenance and will cost money, but the overall cost of owning an airless sprayer is nothing compared to the profit that an airless sprayer will make, not only in production but in time saved.











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